What do you really need?

How about more rest? Higher quality rest?? Full-out total mental rejuvenation???!

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Just in time, here comes YOGA NIDRA, bliss for your brain! In busy times, peace of mind is often the first thing to go.  So, we offer you this luscious guided relaxation practice, an ancient yoga practice for your modern day life… all you have to do is relax and listen. How’s that for awesome yoga??!

YOGA NIDRA guides you into Theta brain waves, the ones associated with deep states of meditation, with NO effort on your part. Many sources state that one hour session of yoga nidra gives you the benefits of four hours of deep sleep. YOGA NIDRA has been shown to boost memory, retention, learning, and to lead to enhanced creativity… through the deep, deep relaxation that we all need. It is a blissful step into your highest potential, and your peace of mind.

Who is YOGA NIDRA for?

  • anyone with a busy day-to-day life
  • people who have difficulty settling the mind in meditation
  • people who have trouble sleeping
  • anyone with anxiety or depression
  • anyone with fears or obstacles that they would like to be free of


Who is YOGA NIDRA not for?

  • anyone who wants to stay exactly as they are now
  • anyone who has already achieved a consistent steady peace of mind on a day-today basis.
  • anyone who absolutely cannot find 25 minutes regularly to lay down and listen
  • anyone looking for YOGA NIDRA teacher training (Just do the practice for now… Teacher training is coming in 2014!)


For just $69…

you will receive a high-quality video workshop on what YOGA NIDRA is, how it works, and three audio guided practices to download and use until your peace of mind returns (and beyond)!


Buy 3 or more as GIFTS and they are only $49 each

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Give yourself some peace of mind.

(The bliss is yours to keep…)