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with Amy Cronise-Mead,

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The program begins on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 and is released in 12 weekly modules. However, everything is completely downloadable and you can work at your own pace. The schedule is up to YOU.


From the comfort of your own home… or the beach ;)


Summer is for getting re-inspired and nourishing yourself! If you need some more juice in your practice, or just LOVE to chant, please join us for a steady infusion of HEART into your practice. Chanting is one of the quickest, most effective ways to lift your mood… HOW? By radically opening the heart. If you desire to SUPERCHARGE your practice and to actually KNOW viscerally that Love is All there is… please join us…


A 12-week online course centered around chanting as a yoga practice.  A way to keep yourself connected to the meaningfulness of your practice, to deepen your fluency with the many facets of a well-rounded yoga practice and, for the teachers, a toolbox that will take your classes to the next level! EVERYTHING is DOWNLOADABLE so you can take the course at your leisure and at your own pace. Think of it as the summer to make the heart sing!

The program is offered at 3 levels.
Which one is perfect for you?


(Bring it on!)  12 Weekly video teachings on what each chant means, how it’s used, and how it’s relevant and useful for the modern day yoga practitioner, audio of the chanting, so you can chant along, handout of the chant and its’ meaning and transcripts. This level is for those of you who want the exposure, and work well when self-guided.  Access to private forum for discussion and support, and where I’ll be posting recordings by the ‘music professionals.’ Everything is downloadable, so you can move at your own pace. Investment: $249


(Hoo! Become the hero of your own life!) Intended for the student who wants to go deeper, all the materials that you need to take these 12 weeks of classes and then slowly unpack them over one year, focusing on one chant, per month.  Here (along with video teaching, audio recordings, handout and transcripts) you will receive homework, checklists, supplementary readings for home study, and direct video instruction on how to work with a mantra. You will also have access to the private forum and, yes, everything is downloadable, so you can work at your own pace.  Investment: $349


(Time to Rejoice and take it to others!) The highest level is for the most dedicated practitioners and teachers. Along with everything in the first two levels, you will also receive guidance on how to bring this work deeper into your practices, or for teachers, into your classes. You will receive themes to base your classes on as you teach these chants, suggestions for peak poses to work your classes towards (for multiple levels,) playlists of recordings of each chant that you can use in your your practices, some sample sequences to help pull it all together and special video tutorials on how to teach chanting. Yes, the private forum. Yes, downloadable! Investment: $379 

Registration is now closed:

We begin on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.


Money-back guarantee!

We encourage you to ask any questions that you have prior to enrolling, so that you are happy with your decision. That said, the program is 100% refundable through the first 21 days of the program. No questions asked (though feedback is welcomed!)

A limited number of partial scholarships are available.  Please submit your request by the close of early bird to Nicole,  and we will contact you before program start.  If you would like to help fund a scholarship please let us know.

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Love to All,
Amy and the exquisite YOGADHARMA crew.